At Remember It Forever we always aim to be fairly priced while offering the very best in customer service
VHS TO DVD Transfer
Upto 1 Hour => £14
1 to 2 Hours => £16
2 to 2.5 Hours => £19
Over 2.5 Hours => £ 23
Footage longer than this will require multiple discs or dual layer discs to be used. Please contact us for pricing.

Any Tape that Customers would Like to be transferred to their Own Portable Hard drive is charged at £ 10 per Tape

Camcorder Tapes
Please Apply the same Pricing as for VHS to DVD
We do also provide a test capture service where for £5 (refundable from the end cost if used), we will capture your tape to see if you wish to keep the contents.
50ft Reels => £14 each
150ft Reels => £16 each
250ft Reels => £19 each
These amounts can reduced where multiple reels are captured as we can get more than one reel on each disc.
Home Video Editing and Bespoke Slideshows and Audio work
Please contact us as specific information will be required to give an accurate quote.
Photo and 35mm Slide Scanning
15p per photo for regular photos
35p per slide for up to 100 x 35mm slides and negatives
30p per slide for between 100 and 500 x 35mm slides and negatives
25p per slide for over 500 x 35mm slides and negatives
Photo Restoration, Recolouring and Retouching
from £1 per picture for minor sharpening
from £3 per picture for minor damage removal (very fine lines)
from £8 per picture for mid range recolouring
from £8 per picture for mid range damage removal (multiple fine lines)
from £15 per picture for major damage repair or recolouring
from £18 for hand colouring and repairing multiple parts (due to tearing)
Slideshow Creation
As this is totally dependant on how many photos that you wish to include and how many songs you intend to use, please contact us for an accurate quote.
For information on how to order click here.
Whatever your requirements we offer 35mm slide & negative scanning, photo restoration, recolouring, repair and retouch services.

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If you need your videos transferred to DVD (Video 2 DVD) ( VHS 2 DVD), or your video edited, or a DVD produced, then we can help.

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If you need  an old cassette converting, or background noise removal, Remember It Forever offers a wide range of audio solutions.

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