Slide Scanning

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35mm slides and film require very specialised equipment to produce quality results. This cannot be done using a conventional scanner as projected light is required.
At Remember It Forever we use a top notch scanner, which produces results which you will not believe, even if the slides are dusty, scratches and damaged our restoration, recolouring and repair services can bring them back to life.
Take a look at these images that have come from 35mm slides and see the quality of the images that have been produced.
Click the thumbnails to see the full image.
Whatever your requirements we offer 35mm slide & negative scanning, photo restoration, recolouring, repair and retouch services.

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If you need your videos transferred to DVD (Video 2 DVD) ( VHS 2 DVD), or your video edited, or a DVD produced, then we can help.

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If you need  an old cassette converting, or background noise removal, Remember It Forever offers a wide range of audio solutions.

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