Video and Camcorder to DVD

We Work With a Large Number of Formats

What do you do if your Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) has finally given up and you can no longer watch your favourite video? It may be your wedding, birthday party, the holiday of a life time or your children growing up.
Remember It Forever will seamlessly convert your video to a fully-interactive DVD. We will even create menus so you can navigate your way through your special memory.
If you have a number of videos that you would like converting, Remember It Forever will put them on a disc to keep them neatly in one place, while giving you easy access - just as you would expect.
But it doesn't stop there..... As well as VHS, Remember-It-Forever can also convert the following formats,
VHSC (VHS Compact)
Mini DV
and 8mm Cine Film can all be used to create your perfect memory
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If it's just a straight copy that you want, let Remember It Forever take care of it. We make it extra special by creating bespoke box covers and labels (see also Gift Ideas)
Whatever your requirements we offer 35mm slide & negative scanning, photo restoration, recolouring, repair and retouch services.

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If you need your videos transferred to DVD (Video 2 DVD) ( VHS 2 DVD), or your video edited, or a DVD produced, then we can help.

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If you need  an old cassette converting, or background noise removal, Remember It Forever offers a wide range of audio solutions.

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