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One of the most popular services that Remeber It Forever offers is the production of a bespoke slideshow.
All you need to do is provide us with the photographs you would like to be included along with some ideas for music and we will do the rest. We will create custom-made titles, intros, and add captions to specific photos. We will keep you updated at every stage of the process on how YOUR slideshow is progressing.
Our top priority is to make YOUR slideshow exactly how you want it to be- there are no mass produced products from Remember It Forever.
Slideshows can be included as bonus features on any DVD that you may have created. For example, you can have your wedding or holiday video converted to DVD with a slideshow created from the photos.
We offer a complete service. You get your precious video transformed to DVD, with a bespoke slideshow to match, all accessible from a purpose-made fully interactive DVD menu.
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Remember It Forever's flagship work to date. Over two hundred photos and eight pieces of music, this project really makes the memories of this wonderful 40th birthday bash live Forever. (Scene one of Eight)
A bespoke slideshow made completely from slides from the 60's that we enhanced and then set to the customer's choice of music.

Whatever your requirements we offer 35mm slide & negative scanning, photo restoration, recolouring, repair and retouch services.

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If you need your videos transferred to DVD (Video 2 DVD) ( VHS 2 DVD), or your video edited, or a DVD produced, then we can help.

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If you need  an old cassette converting, or background noise removal, Remember It Forever offers a wide range of audio solutions.

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